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Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic treatment that involves moving and exercising in water. It is the combination of the effects of immersion and exercise and therefore further benefits are those associated with general exercise. This is achieved through the utilisation of the properties of water for example; warmth and buoyancy.

Here are GRIPP, we offer private hydrotherapy sessions at The Woodland Clinic, Bideford. We are also working with 'The Penguin Sports Foundation' to provide free hydrotherapy sessions for children. See the tab for The Penguin Sports Foundation for more information. 

Water is a medium in which many disabled people achieve total independence and can compete with their able-bodied counterparts on equal terms. The social and psychological impact can be considerable. The ability to be independent in water, to achieve skills that may be difficult or impossible on land, can only have favourable and lasting psychological effects. This will boost confidence and morale, and these can be carried over into life on land.

For more information or to book a session, please contact us -

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