The Penguin Sports Foundation funds sport & rehab opportunities for children with physical disabilities in North Devon. Here at GRIPP, we currently provide the hydrotherapy sessions and run the Frame Running Club for the foundation. 

Check out the foundations website for more info -


Our Frame Running Club runs every Thursday, 5 - 6.30pm. This is held at the North Devon Athletics Club, Wrafton Road, Braunton, North Devon, EX33 2BT. Sessions are free and frames are provided. For more info, please contact us or the foundation.

The activity of Frame Running, formerly known as RaceRunning, is unique in what it can enable some disabled people to achieve and that is to RUN! In many cases this means people who cannot walk independently or even at all – moving at speed with their own feet and by their own volition! Sound incredible? And it is – it’s something to witness. You cannot imagine what this sport means to those who participate. The Running Frame, simply described – is a three wheeled frame with a saddle, body support and most notably, no pedals. The rider finds a running/propulsion style, suitable for them and the result is a sensation of speed, exhilaration and freedom!

The Penguin Club is a provision of free hydrotherapy sessions led by a qualified children’s physiotherapist. It offers children 10 weekly sessions followed by a further 5 sessions delivered fortnightly and a review session 6 months later.

All sessions will be carried out on Tuesdays and Fridays at The Woodland Clinic, Venn Mines Rd, Bideford, Devon, EX39 4BZ. The child’s family will be responsible for getting the child to and from the treatment centre for their sessions.

'Selection criteria'

  • Children living in the North Devon area with a neuromuscular condition or physical disability.

  • Children aged 2-16.

  • Children who have no other access to a hydrotherapy pool.

  • Willing to provide parental and child feedback following sessions.

In order to enrol your child into the hydrotherapy sessions, a referral needs to be made by a healthcare professional. For more information on this, please get in touch with the foundation -